About Us

The coming generation is the generation that is ready to receive a challenge and it is an opportunity for us to introduce The Only Dance Arts Academy where we dare to answer the challenge.

Only Dance Arts Academy coming and was born in a very high talent generations with hopes of being able to pay attention and the opportunity for new students who will join the Only Dance Arts Academy, we will consider the potential for our students with the help of modules and a routine training following the patterns those are good and right.

In this way Only Dance Arts Academy wants to provide opportunities and achievement for students who want to become the world of dance as a profession in the creative industry ‘ Creative will not be enough without intensive training and active personality, it is time in the world of dance in the city of medan to become something new. Art is no longer just a hobby, but it should be a profession with high encouragement and high confidence’.

KM Studio is an institution for training dancers and creative workers, starting in 1986, and has received attention and public confidence in the city of medan to fill important events and entrusted to the training and development of a reliable professional dancers in the era of the 90’s and 2000’s.

The concept that our priority is to focus on training and discipline in work, making KM STUDIO always one step ahead and with the support by experienced instructors and the experience of the instructor it self.

Methods and modules that promote the ability of the dancers based on their competence and potential, making KM STUDIO creates dancers who can adjust and compensate for the era and style of dance in every age.

Thanks to the city of medan societies which have given the opportunity for us and the team, as well as the appreciation and also allow us to introduce Only Dance Arts Academy, become a new shade of KM Studios for future generations.

Greetings one step and the next step don’t forget to visit us, ok!

Thank you,


Founder KM Studio



Artistic Director & Choreographer

Desire and love with the world of dance that originated from the age of 5 years, Of which form the mental and ima eagerness to choose dance as the way of life, to learn and carry out science in school and places of training or workshop those are well known in the era.

Starting from 1987 and till now Ima starts studying Ballet Classic, Tap dance, Salsa, Jazz Classic, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Belly dance, Cha-Cha, Rock&Roll, Classic disco and Waltz. All these things were learned by Ima and took 29 years, and in the mean time developing KM STUDIO.

Dance world has never stopped growing and for Ima art is constantly changing and updated with the times and era.

Come – join Us and meet your choice instructors at Only Dance Arts Academy.

Dwi Anggraini


One of the Instructors derived from professional dancers of KM STUDIO IN THE 2000s, and she is given an opportunity in the part of the teaching staff at Only Dance Art Academy.

Have been prepared as an instructor with the experience as follows:
- Workshop
- Silvia Lo (2014)
- Silvia Lo (2015)
- Yulia Lintang (2016)
- and training modules hip hop, belly dance from KM STUDIO

Come and join us here in OnD and recognize me through my dance style!